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In the dark ages, the Kingdom of Strathclyde, with its capital at Dumbarton, spread south from the river Clyde to cover much of south-west Scotland. They had to contend with the Kings of Rheged and Elmet further south in Norhumbria and Cumbria, the Picts to the north and Dalriada (the home of the Scots, originally from Ireland) to the west. In 756 a combined force of Picts and Northumbrians besieged and took Alcluith and there are records of "the burning of Clyde Rock" in January 780. By the 9th century the Vikings who had already established themselves in the Hebrides and Ireland, laid seige to the Rock for four months. They were led by Olaf the White from Dublin and Ivar Beilaus (the 'cripple' or 'one-legged') who had already captured York. Without water or food, the rock was eventually plundered - it needed 200 longships to carry off the booty and slaves.
Population 19,919 Recognized Landmarks
Council Area Dunbartonshire Dumbarton Castle
Dumbarton Rock
Levengrove Park
The Denny Civic Theatre
Overtoun House
Average High Temperature 13.2°C
Average Low Temperature 5.2°C
Time zone GMT (UTC0)
Area Code 01389
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When Mary Queen of Scots was defeated at the Battle of Langside on 13th May, 1568, and fled to England, the Governor of the Castle, Lord Fleming, remained loyal to her and held Dumbarton Castle in her name until 1571. The Castle was eventually captured by Captain Thomas Crawford who led 100 men up the rocks and ramparts on the northern side, which everyone thought were impregnable.
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